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How to Make the Leap to Visual Storytelling for Your PR Initiatives

Learn how to express your brand’s story and PR messages through visuals. Visual content offers increased engagement, retention and recall rates compared to text or audio, and is more likely to be shared on social channels. Your online audiences want to experience and share great visual content, and this course will show you how to take your text-based storytelling PR skills and make the leap to visual storytelling.

In this course, you'll learn how to:
  • Spot opportunities within your organization for visual storytelling
  • Create visual stories with Pinterest and Instagram
  • Produce creative and affordable videos that tell your brand’s story
  • Find inspiration within the time limitations of Vine and Instagram video
  • Use data visualization for your campaigns
  • Make sure your visual content is optimized for specific platforms
  • Launch campaigns that feature user-generated visual content
  • Understand fundamental content philosophies, and learn how to implement best practices
You’ll learn how to mine your existing visual content and create new content (affordably); determine how to use those images to tell a brand’s story across multiple social media channels; apply tried-and-true storytelling principles to the use of still images; and launch campaigns that motivate audiences to share their own visual content.

The course includes:
- Presentation 1h:40min
- Program evaluation
- Certificate of completion. 
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