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Pinterest Power: How to Drive the Bottom Line With Visual Communications

You will learn tips on crafting informative and concise pin comments and how to be creative with your board topics and placement. This course will provide you the tools you need to communicate your brand in a visual way that inspires your audience.
In this course, you'll learn how to:
  • Create an editorial calendar that includes Pinterest as a part of your overall communications strategy
  • Choose content that correlates to your brand messaging and business objectives
  • Leverage Pinterest to increase site traffic, drive sales and convert visitors into customers
  • Demonstrate your brand's values through visuals
  • Understand your customers by what they pin and how they arrange their boards
  • Search pins to research and generate new content ideas
  • Mix general content with brand content and become part of the larger Pinterest community
  • Measure ROI and track your success on Pinterest
Consumers rely increasingly on visual content to engage one another, learn about brands, make purchasing decisions and share passions, and Pinterest is the social media platform many are turning to for that information. Leveraging Pinterest as a communications tool is now essential for engaging your audience and growing your brand.

This course includes: 1hr:27min presentation, program evaluation and a certificate of completion. 
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