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How to Write Press Releases that Get Found in Web Searches and Opened in Email Inboxes

Press releases have reasserted themselves as efficient and concise vehicles for brand messages and news. Journalists must also now do much more with less, and your well-crafted, searchable press releases can ease their burden and advance your brand’s business interests. Our trainers will show you how to craft releases for the age of SEO, social media and downsized or nonexistent newsrooms.
Get insight on how to avoid common mistakes that cause your press releases to get nuked before they get opened in e-mail inboxes and how to apply SEO tactics to help your content get found in Google searches.

In this course, you'll learn how to:
  • Use terms that inform and engage instead of industry jargon, clichés and superlatives
  • Write strong headlines, e-mail subject lines and lead paragraphs
  • Highlight the benefits of your product or service early in a press release
  • Make sure the tone of your email subject line and headline matches the content of your press release
  • Use SEO tactics to increase the searchability of your press release
  • Begin all documents with the most important and newsiest information
  • Determine prime times for sending email pitches
  • Target and tailor your press releases for the right outlets
  • Make independent pieces of your press releases shareable on social channels
The course includes: 1h:30min presentation, program evaluation and a certificate of completion. 

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